Saturday, 17 September 2011

Personalized Stamp Order No Longer Available

Yes, it's official.

I will still be carving,
but I will no longer accept orders for personalized handcarved stamps.

I've been considering and reconsidering it for quite some time,
it's a sad decision
but it's getting clearer that it's the best option now.

To all those who emailed me,
I want to thank you all.
Million of thanks to everybody,
I can never repay you.
Please forgive me for all the unreplied emails, delays and wrongdoings.

Everything that begins must have an end,
I pray to God that it is ending for something new,
and better.

I hope Mangosteenskin will continue having your support.
Off my hat and I'm taking my bow...



Ayin Masliza said...

OHHHH NO, dear... i baru berangan nak order.. sob..sob..

✿ n0ra ✿ said...

Sedih... baru nak order juger :) Kalau nak order design ajer buleh?

Lilly Ishak said...

All the best mango! And thank you so much. xoxoxx...

Anash said...

laa...answer to my question..
no wonder on the unreply emails..
pepepun..sokong your good job

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Hi Mango...
It may seem like a sad decision but we both know that it's a good decision to make. Lin pun dah kurang ambik order handmade cards sekarang. Banyak tumpukan perhatian pada sales of craft products yg lain. It's the best decision I've ever made so far. I do take personalised card orders but only one or two a month. Sikit jer kan, but it's the best decision for me now. :)

I hope you'll keep on creating and be the best that you can be always. Never stop carving dear! ;)

chicA said...

wahhh..sgt teringin. :(((

Mrs K@Syida said... your touch dear.baru ingat nk oder..

cci said...

kat mana sy leh bel material tersebut ye.. hope boleh kongsi. tq.. :)