Sunday, 30 January 2011

2011 First ATC Swap Theme

Please help us decide!!

What should we draw for the next ATC Swap?

Thank you very much to those who
generously take time to drop some suggestions!
Edina, Myrisstyca, ET, Mizam, Fatin Asma and Fliffy!
I appreciate it alot!!

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Kerja dari Rumah

Yesterday I went to Jabatan Keselamatan & Kesihatan Pekerjaan,
and while waiting,
I got the chance to watch Apa Kata Wanita,
an RTM1 program hosted by Zamzarina.

I learnt about a very good information,
for those who work from home,
or have the intention to do so.

Kerja dari Rumah is a program dedicated
especially for women who wants to work from home.
They provide consultation, relevant training and courses,
and even act as an information hub for work-at-home issues,
promotion and networking,
as well as directory for home-based business.

Just click the photo to learn more about it :)

Work Harder


Things will not come rolling,
will need to work HARDER for it.

Friday, 28 January 2011


I was featured in Fun with Fliffy,
a lecturer,
and a passionate digital scrapbooker and layout designer.
She's one of my long-time-supportive-blogger friend,
a great friend,
eventhough we only know each other in blogosphere.

You may read the interview here.

Thank you very much Fliffy!!

You brightened up my Friday!

La la la~~

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Please Suggest

We need more suggestions
for the next ATC swap,
whoever you are,
please drop some ideas k :)

I will create a poll
to choose the most favored theme
by this weekend.
The submission period will eventually starts
on 1st February 2011
until 1st April 2011.
Anyone is welcomed to join :)

So what are you waiting for,
if you love certain subjects,
and you would like us to draw it
it the form of ATC ~ let us know now!

To those who don't know what ATC stands for,
you may learn about it here.

Monday, 24 January 2011

ATC Update

It's a work of 13 artists from all over Malaysia, and one from US. Looking forward to deliver all ATCs to their new owners soon!

we are planning the first ATC swap for 2011,
if you have any idea,
regarding the theme,
do let us know :)

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Friday, 21 January 2011

Nicotine Patch

I bought nicotine patch
for my husband.

I want him to quit smoking.

I told him,
it's RM74 for 7 pieces for 7 days
so 1 piece per day.

He said,
That expensive, kalau saya tak berhenti merokok juga...

Bukan itu sepatutnya line sayakah?

Lelaki memang pandai kan,
sebelum kena warning dia warning dulu.

Working on It

  1. Laptop (resolved)
  2. Car (resolved)
  3. Modem (kinda resolved)
  4. Husband's health (change my way of cooking)
  5. SOHO phone (replace with an old one)
  6. Overflowing tank (sometimes ok sometimes not?)
  7. Sewing machine (still not okay)
  8. Printer (major failure)
  9. ATC (participant withdraw)
  10. Ulcer (resolved)
  11. External hardisk (All data is gone with the wind) - no back up huhu

Wednesday, 19 January 2011



I love ladies shoes,
they don't love me.


Inspiration Pool

is a pool filled with fishes.
It's like,
you're jumping into a pool,
swimming and diving,
with the fishes,
and then you get out of the pool,
and tell your stories to the world,
your experiences
and what you learnt from what you see.

Different pool,
different fishes you know.

The fishes is the
It matters not,
whether the pool you jump into,
contain lots of fish or just few,
but it is still
an inspiration pool.

Just tell your stories,
through the work that you do.


Click for better read.

Monday, 17 January 2011


I just came back from KK.
Today I took "sardine" bus from Telipok to KK
and from Wawasan Plaza, took CityBus to Post Office.
Walked in fast pace, to-and-fro twice from DBKK to CIMB.
My husband waited for me under the pedestrian bridge,
and we went to lunch together (by motorbike).
Oh it's so reminding me to old days.

Met Pakya, one of my junior in university.
He still look physically the same.
Everyone's getting older Pakya, what happened to you?

I'm done renewing trading licence
and change our business address to our rumah kedai,
and posted one stamp to its owner.
Yeah it feels so good, THREE JOBS DOWN!!! Hehehe.
Tonight I will continue,
trying to dismantle the printer.
Maybe something stucked in between the rollers.
Jangan jadi tikus membaiki labu, sudahlah.

Huhu...sedihnya dengar lagu ini Lily...
it makes me think of all memories yang sedih-sedih.


I don't believe bad luck.
I believe
it's a test from God.

My bestfriend said, it might be Murphy's Law;
Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

It started right after I published my final post in 2010.

My laptop infected by virus.
After the first format, other problem emerged.
After the second format, my modem died.
My car broke down, still in workshop until today.
My husband is feeling not well,
his medical report shows he has very high cholesterol level.
The new wireless modem malfunctions.
The telephone is dead.
The water tank above the bathroom and toilet,
keep overflowing.
I want to alter my husband new trousers,
but the sewing machine not working, after I cut here and there.
I'm positive about settling down few pending jobs this week,
but my printer suddenly fail to print,
something wrong with the paper feeder roller.
One of the ATC sent to me had been returned to the sender,
because I fail to collect the parcel within 15 days.
There's a huge ulcer inside my right cheek,
I think now it affected my gland, the right side of my face, jaw, neck and shoulder is aching.
My external hardisk is undetectable, I stored many important data there,
including few 2010 account documents.

God is watching me closely.

Allah datangkan hujan,
sebab lepas tu ada pelangi kan?

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

It's a Chain



Saturday, 8 January 2011

Happy New Year 2011

A new year,
is a start of something new
with our same-old-self.
I believe most of us,
when we say we want changes,
we are speaking of ourselves.

Apart of seeing new years or birthdays as a whole new fresh beginning,
From the other side I always see it as an indicator of the approaching goodbyes.
Time is running out.

I am happy and thankful to Allah for what I had in the previous years.
Maybe not much progress in the form of financial and productivity achievements,
But the most important thing is having my husband by my side,
because he is numero uno.
Parents, family and friends.
Perhaps I have not been great to everyone,
but who knows it might turn out to be one of the best we ever had,
when we flash it back one day.

I am sorry to those who emailed me regarding my handcarved stamps,
or placed their orders but not getting what they expected from me.
Sometimes I cross the deadline,
Sometimes I fail to make it at all.
I have tried my best to perform,
but I learned a lot that we can't be the best at everything,
or satisfy everyone.
I will continue my quest, to improve myself and my service this year.

Please, please, accept my humble apology.

I am thankful to have my regular blog readers, customers and blogging friends,
Some are in my Facebook too,
I want to wish you millions of thanks,
Eventhough we never met,
your continuous support gets me going.
When I create something, believe me
you are in my mind.

I hope I have more to give this year.

Happy New Year everybody!

Here's a song from ABBA with one of my favourite voice, Agnetha Faltskog's.