Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Home for Mangosteen Fairy

I have tried to update my blog many times, atleast talk about my handcarved stamps and interest in art. However, most of the attempts end up saved as draft, and they remain as draft until I decided to delete them. Trust me, I have lots of story to share but I don't know where to start.

This is something which I was working on yesterday. It is not yet finished but I hope it will trigger more upcoming updates.

Friday, 12 September 2008


Everyone is cute in the Dolly World! Can you guess which one is my dolly?

As in the real world we have Dolly Parton, in blogosphere you can become a "dolly" in you own way too. How about Dolly Emilot, Dolly Mariuca, Dolly Jean, Dolly sorry my friends for using your names. Hehe.

The creator of the RSS Dolly is none other than our super-talented Emila. The first RSS Dolly is the one with green hood and orange RSS button (most left-front row) which she uses as RSS button in her blog. When Mariuca asked Emila to create RSS dollies for her, she promoted others to have their very own personalised dollies by transferring 500EC credits to Kak Emila as token. The fond of these dollies is indeed infectious but not everyone able to pay using EC credits, right? Well, no worries! Kak Emila has came up with other solutions, just in case you are not a member of Entrecard or you don't have enough points, you can pay using other methods. Or, if you got the patience, take some time to sign up as a member of Entrecard. All you need is to do is create a 125x125 pixels image to enable you to drop your EC card and collect points through card-dropping widget.

If you are interested, just click the advertisement below. You can mail her your photos, some sketch, tell her the things you're interested about or just provide her your blog link. I'm sure she will come up with an irresistably cute dolly to represent you!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Shining Meme for Ramadhan

This meme was initiated by Antown, non other than our creative Indonesian friend who works as an illustrator in Jakarta.

Didukung oleh:, mangosteenskin, nama anda di sini ya!

Quoting Antown's say regarding this tag; "DALAM rangka menyambut bulan suci Ramadhan tahun 2008 ini saya punya ide untuk buat tags. Mohon maaf sebelumnya, bukan berarti saya ingin membuat anda repot. Anggap saja saya sedang mengkampanyekan bulan ini sebagai bulan yang harus kita hormati, bagi umat muslim khususnya".

Hey, I like the sounds of the word "mengkampanyekan"!. I seldom watch Indonesian film or telemovie and this is my first encounter with the word. I had fun playing the word over my tongue. Of course the meaning is different but the word gives me a glimpse of crispy rempeyek in my mind with extra peanut and anchovies! Hahaha! My best buddies back in university always said we get more imaginative and creative when hungry. I couldn't agree more my friend!

Welcoming this blessed month of Ramadhan, I'm wishing every Muslims Happy Fasting!!

I'm passing this meme to more than 5 persons; Rizal, Kak emila, Kak Ida, Kak Sha, cecima, Baizurah, Abgjas and Fara Owl. As usual, the instruction goes as follow ya! I purposely retain the original Indonesian version as created by antown.

Gimana caranya?

1. Copy gambar di atas lalu posting di blog anda
2. Lanjutkan tags ini minimal ke 5 blogger muslim yang anda kenal. Jangan lupa tinggalkan komentar pada blog mereka.
3. Tulis alamat blog anda (di bawah gambar) setelah alamat blog pemberi tags

Yang mendapatkan tags ini hanya untuk blogger muslim

Monday, 1 September 2008


Look what I found earlier today!

This is Syaura, Mimi's daughter. The handmade paper hat was colored by herself. I felt like my ATC illustration is brought to life! Er...this is the "girl version". Hehe. Thanks Mimi for sharing this cute photo!