Tuesday, 31 March 2009

I Love it & I Love You

Remember this?

I should get it beautifully wrapped and tagged with "made with love". But I just can't wait!!! to show it to him. He said, we should have our own art gallery in our own house one day. OMG Darling! That is one BIG FAT encouragement!

I can't describe the feelings. To see your own piece of art in a frame?

OMG! OMG! OMG! I love it! I love it! I love it!

Monday, 30 March 2009

Two Hats

Spending some time with 7 years old Fatimah one evening, I made a quick sketch of her. She asked for some lipstick and butterfly earings. Doodle on top left, made by Fatimah.

In reality and to myself, I am two different persons. One is Mangosteenskin. And one is Not Mangosteenskin.

Recently, the "Not Mangosteenskin" was listed for an exam to qualify oneself for Post Graduate Teaching Course. I applied for Visual Art! I had mixed feelings when I found out that my name is on the list! Art is a subject that has never been in my profile before thus I can't imagine myself teaching art in school!

Read: I didn't make it to the exam. There's a stronger force pulling me away from that direction. But I guess when one attempt failed, there will still be one thousand other ways to follow our heart. I will continue being a Mangosteenskin, and find me here... please, anytime.

I would be busy being a "Not Mangosteenskin "this week. Hopefully I can wear my Mangosteenskin hat soon so I can work on some handmade rubberstamps.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Hi and Hello

This is my hubby and me, saying "Hi!" and "Hello!". We sounded like teletubbies (having ourself stuck on moist chocolate topping, who wouldn't?)

Special cupcakes for our anniversary. I had so much fun decorating them myself! I love you, honey! And Thank you Kak Ita of Guladanmentega, for baking those yummy cuppies!

Just helping my husband to write out the words for me. Hehe. I ate this one. Yum! Yum! The most delicious cupcake I ever tasted.

Hahaha!!! Actually I was just playing with buttercream in a visit to Kak Ita's house recently. And this is Naufal, Kak Ita's youngest son. He said he was drawing "earth" on the cupcakes. Aunty had a blast of time at your mama's kitchen that day, Naufal! Thank you!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Thank You

The number of people asking about my handmade stamps has shockingly increased during my absent. I am so flattered, guys! Your enquiries fueled my spirit.

I was having a very bad fever + flu + cough during our recent visit to KL. I forced myself to walk, eat and was shivering so badly in the cinema, trying not to ruin our last day out. My mind was somewhere across South China Sea, on the bed, under the blanket in our home sweet home in KK. I only got the chance to see the doctor three days after we went back to KK because there were lots of work to be done immediately. I forced myself to talk to people on the phone with me having sore throat and blocked nose, and to make it worse, I need to repeat my words as it seemed difficult for people to understand what I was saying.

I still haven't completely recovered from flu and cough, but the fever has gone. Horray! I feel so much better now, and my appetite is back! I want to take this chance to thank everyone who leave me "get well" messages! They are very heartwarming during the unwell period. The power of good wishes during illness could really make someone feel better instantly. I wish anyone who is feeling unwell at the moment to get well soon too!

Yesterday I arrived at the office in the afternoon because I spend the whole morning just to mount four stamps!! The living room was dusty and messy and I was all sweaty and tired, how I wish there are ways to cut the wood as easy as cutting butter! I am a bit impatient about cutting the wood pieces and sand-papering them! Hemph!!

Introducing, the little assistant to my other small hand-saw. I use my sewing machine box as a working table. If you ask me, I got few carpentry tools in my wishlist.

I only manage to mount 4 stamps in 3 hours! Unproductive, don't you think?

One of my latest custom made stamp.

I'm working on a sewing-themed handmade stamps. They are small and cute, but I'm so nervous about mounting them, you know.

My handmade stamps are 100% design by me! Please do not copy without permission.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

While I'm Gone...(comment lah! hehe)

I know. It's not unusual if I don't update this blog or me gone MIA for a week or longer. But me and hubby are going to KL for a week starting tomorrow, and while preparing stuffs, I also want to leave a new post for guys to read while I'm gone.

I bought two small liquid dispensers and fill it up with shampoo and shower gel from our bathroom. At the beginning, I just want to write "shower gel" and "shampoo", but then I got carried away with some doodlings (not that carried away actually, just enough to decorate the plain bottle). But hey! plus some pretty ribbons and nice boxes, this can be a good idea for Valentine or bithdays! And I bought these dispensers at only Rm1.00 each! I hope my hubby will think of me, even in the bathroom! Haha!

Meanwhile, I also working on customized rubber stamp set, and this time it's for Snazzy & Such. I don't design the logo, Tinn Tinn emailed it to me but I have to make some adjustment to the font size to make it hand-carvable. The oval logo is the biggest stamp I ever did so far, because it's not easy to find large erasers. I want to look for linolium blocks, but I don't know where to find them. They don't sell linolium block in stationary shops here. Anyone knows?

Snazzy & Such logo stamp - 4.3 (h) x 6 cm (w)

Ita from Gula dan Mentega requested me to make a duplicate of her stamp. The upper proof is from the first stamp and middle is from the unmounted stamp that I did last night which is available in the picture below.

Ok guys, I better continue packing now. Have a great week!