Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Still struggling with unfinished loads of work.
Call me anything. Tortoise. Snail. Slow Loris.
Scream on my face. Hit me with pillows. Throw me tomatoes. Potatoes.
Mangosteens. Lemons.
Until I change into,
a super woman.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Me and husband never plan to adopt a child, somehow... here we are.

Actually she came into our life since August last year. She and her mother had nowhere to go. But that time we only meant to help, temporarily giving them shelter. Somewhere in December, they left.

Until January, we learnt that the mother is willing to hand her child to a couple, but then the couple cancelled the plan because of unavoidable circumstances. Unfortunately the mother already left, so she has nobody to take care of her. Cutting the story short, Putri finally ended up with us.

A child is always welcomed into our house; but I never thought it would be this way. I thought I would have 9 months to get prepared, mentally, emotionally, financially etc. What happen now is like our life crashing into something in just a blink of an eye. Maybe things would be smoother if we do have plan for it, but in this case, the decision is made up just because an innocent child really needs a home urgently.

Until today, me and hubby still haven't speak much seriously about the matter, we didn't declare anything, or discuss anything; like, who's going to take care of the baby when we go to work?

We're still adjusting.

So I've been carrying Putri wherever I go. To office. Bank. Post office. Buying groceries. Etc. I put a pillow on the passengers's seat, and secure her with the safety belt, but she don't want to stop crying. So I have to pull over, put her on my lap and drive with one hand. Owh, what a scary situation.

Now my car is equipped with a baby car-seat but when not driving, I still need to carry her all the time.

I do feel like breaking down sometimes. Office. Home. Stamp. Baby. I have a hard time adjusting. I don't want to be over-ambitious, I can never replace her real mother and perhaps I would never be the best Mom for her, but as long as she's with me, I will try my best to provide her love and protection. As long as she needs me.

So everyone.
Meet Putri Nur Summayah. She's only 8 months old.

And Putri, this is Mommy's blog. Meet my blog readers.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

When Life Gives You Lemon...

make lemonade!! ~ Dale Carnegie

I like this saying.


I bought this shrink-plastic over a year ago, but we didn't have any oven in the house (it has to be baked). When our toaster stopped functioning, I knew I had to find an "oven" type one so I can also use it for craft-makings. However, I'm worry about baking plastic or clay inside our kitchen toaster as I afraid it might be harmful to health. I make toast almost everyday, and sometimes burgers and hotdogs with it.

Despite the worries, I can't help it but to try it out. It produces unpleasant burnt-plastic smell that stays lingering in the kitchen for a while after I opened the toaster-cover. I accidently inhaled the fume few times becoz I was so excited that I put my face too close to the toaster just to see my "artwork" being "baked" itside.

I'm so crazy about this shrink-plastic! I love to see my drawings being shrunked to mini-mini-moes. You can't see the pins but I already attached one to each of them at the back, so it can be used as a brooch. My husband said he will use the "Safety First" brooch on his neck-tie the next time he go lecturing in NIOSH. What do you think it makes me feel?

Of course la HAPPY!

I would love to make more brooches but I really need to get back to office work and stamp-carving. I'm planning to list my brooches in my etsy shop soon, but for the locals, if you're interested you might just stay tune to my updates. Perhaps I might just list them in this blog.


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Ok, the result..

..for Sukasuka Giveaway...

Here's the participant's name list, to those who commented the giveaway post before, let me know if you can't find yourself in there. The not-in-the-list will get compensation. Hihi.

This is my usual, messy handwriting ~ jotting down mode. And, sorry for the unorganized numerical sequence. I was sleepy last night, and was writing in the dark with the monitor as the only lightsource. Click the list, for larger view.

I use True Random Number Generator in to select the winners.

#1 Totally mangosteenskin : Number 32

#2 Mangosteen's Blues : Number 15

#3 Sweet Pulp : Number 20

Sorry I'm unable to show you the process, but I just fill the min box with 1, and max box with 72, and generate the number to find the winner for each bracelet.

Winners, please email me your address k! mangosteenskin(at)yahoo(dot)com. (Up to the moment I'm typing this, I still haven't check who's the winners are! Hehe)

Ok, that's all!! To all dear participants, thanks so much for taking part k! Don't worry, panjang umur, murah rezeki I'll sponsor another giveaway again coz this is so much fun!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Be Patient Okay?

Let me enjoy this Mangosteen Day first.
We'll undiscover the 3 winners for Sukasuka Giveaway sometime later today, or tomorrow, alright?

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Simply a Closet Review

Thanks so much to the owner of Simply a Closet!
Click below photo to read the review,

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