Saturday, 23 August 2008

Malaysia Month of Independence


I planned to draw something in conjuctions to Malaysia's Month of Independence, and place it on my sidebar for the whole month of August till September, 16th. But I was occupied with something else and somehow time flew so fast, today is already August, 23rd. This is my first card for Independence Theme ATC Swap, hosted by Rizal, and I hope it's not too late to proceed with the idea.

Malaysia celebrates National Days on August, 31st each year, which actually was the date of Malaya or states of the Peninsular independence declaration made by Tunku Abdul Rahman. Malaysia was formed when Sabah and Sarawak united to the nation on 16th September 1963. Singapore was a part of Malaysia at the beginning, however on 9th August 1965, Singapore seceded from the federation and became an independent republic.

Whether its August 31st or September 16th, I think as Malaysian, both are important dates to remember. Despite the things you may disagree or dislike, afterall Malaysia is a nice place to live, thus I think we should be thankful to what we have, be proud and love our own country.

You may copy either one (colored or sephia), or both of the picture above and paste it on your sidebar (credit to me okay).

For now, let's do something to boost our technorati. I'm passing this around as tag and let's just have fun!

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Thursday, 21 August 2008

ATC Swap: Ocean Theme

My heart is breaking, my fishy friends and lighthouse are leaving. A promise is a promise, you have to go my friends.

My love is the ocean and starry night sky.

Tonight, I fall in love just to say goodbye.

(haha! saja jiwang2 sket)

Fishy Greeting

Colourful Friend

Lonely Lighthouse

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

ATC Swap: Peaceful Places

The deadline is 30th August and I only manage to create one card for this theme. I have to send my beloved "Paddy Field" to accompany my newest ATC, "Green Pond" to US, thus I need to send them earlier to allow posting period. Eventhough the host already stated every participant must send 3 cards but luckily she understands and allow me to send only 2 cards. This means I will get back only 2 cards in return.

Green Pond

I'm not sure if Green Pond is the perfect title for this ATC, but the title is given in a rush at the post office. I jot down the title last minute, just before I seal it in plastic cover and into the envelope. The view is based on a photograph derived from a book entitled "Tropical Retreat".

Paddy Field

I have post this ATC in my older entry and some of you may have seen it, I made this ATC for myself and never intend to include it in any trading. It was displayed on top of the fridge for quite some time, and my last minute decision has left an empty spaces on my favourite display spot. But I'm neither sad nor regret, cause I know it will be safe in the hand of someone who knows how to appreciate it.

I received a message from Moses (the host for Singapore swap), telling me that my Singapore set cards have arrived safely in his hand, it's just that it arrives the next day after the "ATC on Parade" exhibition ended. Haha. I'm now convince that registered airmail is the safest and most reasonable option to deliver anything internationally. It may not the fastest mode of delivery but, still reliable. Upon delivery, the receiver required to sign as proof of acceptance and in case the mail unable to be sent to the receiver or the receiver fail to collect it within 15 days, it'll be returned back to the sender. To those who enjoy swap activity, remember to choose registered snail mail okay!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008


Helo everyone!!! To those who expecting for my mail regarding sticker and stamps order, I apologize as I've been a bit busy outside the office lately.

As far as i could remember, I guess it has been more than a year since the last time I really follow my hubby to actual work site. It's obviously not me who carry all those heavy scaffolding frames but I do offer some help for passing tools, equipments or drinks. Observing and photographing the work procedures and progress are also part of my job. Sometimes it requires a person who is not actually involved with the work to see any possible working hazard. After all, this gives me on-site experience which is undeniably essential when it comes to preparing work-progress or safety report. We can't learn everything from reading and always, the best teacher is through experience. And speaking of experience, I did have a try working as scaffolder. I did carry and stack the scaffolding frames, tighten or loosen the coupler's nut while others hold the BS1139 tube in place (this is where i learn how to use ranchet), climb up to 10-storey high scaffolding to perform window-glass cleaning, etc. It's not that I really become a scaffolder, but I'm glad for the taste of experience. I respect those who willing to work long hours under the hot sun, standing and carrying heavy stuffs all day long. I can't even bear to touch the metal scaffolding or tools as they're very hot after hours exposed to sun. Sometimes I pity the construction workers as they work two-or three times harder than ordinary people for small pay.

I'll look forward to be back at the office and carving and drawing again. For the meantime, I just want to share with you some photos of our work at le Meridien Hotel!! Say "Hi, Mango!", if you happen to pass by!!
Setting up to erect higher

Drilling - allowed by the hotel management from 9am-5pm only, so we're chasing time.

My hubby was testing the equipment setting and rope system.

Lifting up the 180kg catching platfrom.

Erecting the scaffolds on the catching platfrom.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Thank You

2300. We just reached home. I couldn't stay online for long. Just to say everything's okay. Thanks to those who left awesomely encouraging message here. You guys are totally wonderful!

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Singapore Themed ATC

Hurrah!! My Singapore ATCs are complete!! My friend Moses from Monday Artday ATC invite me to join Singapore theme ATC swap. There will be an exhibition called "ATC in Parade" starting 7-18 August (what?!). OMG! (I'm reading thread page started by Moses at the moment), I just realized the deadline is yesterday!! No wonder Moses had sent me a reminder last week about the exhibition!! How on earth I always think the deadline is 31st August?!

Give Moses a visit, he put up pictures and updates about the exhibition in his blog.

It's most likely that I'm going to miss the exhibition. Anyway, enjoy looking at these ATCs. I'll contact Moses and ask him whether my cards will still be accepted for the swap. If not, they will go to my personal collection.

Singapore's Skygirl

A Holiday in Singapore

Read my handwriting...

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Hand Saw and Sand Paper Sunday

Hello everyone!!! How's your recent weekend? As with me, my Sunday has been busy making mounting or handle for the stamps. Some of the stamps in the above picture had been carved since last weekend but I can't find proper time to do the wood cutting job at home. We usually reach home late from work, and it's obviously improper to do all the sawing and sand-papering at night. Living in an apartment, I understand that it's unbearably annoying when you try to rest from a long day at work (or try to put your kids to sleep) but some inconsiderate neighbours make unpleasant noise like drilling, hammer-knocking or even the sound of people using mortars on the floor. My husband use to be the one who care enough to investigate where the sound came from and knock at the neighbour's door, if the "music" they're playing doesn't really suits the mood. Hehe. So I don't want to end up people knocking at our door because of the noise I make, and of'll be my hubby who opens the door because I'll be busy at the back room. Hahahaha.

I believe some people have mistakenly thought that recently I'm into wooden stamp carving. Actually the wood is just for the mounting, not carved. Well, actually this gives me idea to try carving on wood anyway. Erm..maybe some other time. Okay, back to the process, after I finished carving an eraser into a stamp, the next step is to measure and cut small plank into smaller pieces, according to the stamps respective sizes. Before I glue a stamp to its wooden backing, I will chop the stamp image on the outer surface of the mounting which later will become the top view of the stamps. It functions as sample of the image produced by the stamp and also for easy detection, so you would never end up using the wrong stamp if you got multiple identical stamps (let's say all your stamps bought from me, haha).

To my previous customer, I apologize that your stamps doesn't furnished with mountings but they're indeed sold at cheaper price.

I'm so grateful that I manage to complete all orders because I plan to work on the ATC job list this week. To those who want custom made stamps from me, I welcome any incoming orders. Please email me at mangosteenskin(at)yahoo(dot)com. I'm looking forward to create new job list for handmade stamps.

Below is the upclose view of each stamps that you see in the above picture. I will update this post for the description of each photo. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy looking at my most recent custom made stamps.