Sunday, 16 November 2008

Made for Genxster

When Genxster asked me whether I am interested to trade card with her, I was jumping with joy, especially when she said she do take request. I have always waiting for this opportunity as I really admire her works on potraits. So without any hesitation, I request for a potrait of me and hubby, and she agree. This is the card she made for me. Tadaa!!

Genxster told me that she saw a series of Harajuku Girl cards in IllustratedATCs and request me to draw something like that. One day, I happened to wander in a survenir shop and saw a set of five or six little handcarved wooden dolls, dressed up with different Sabahan ethnic traditional costumes. They looked pretty gorgeous in a set. The moment I saw these cute dolls, I knew I would want to draw something close to my own root for Genxster. She love drawing and collecting potraits, as according to her, "faces never failed to fascinate me". I just hope this potrait of Sabahan Girl will be a good add to her potrait collection.

Sabah's population is heterogenous and culturally diversed with more than 30 ethnic races and 80 local dialects. Some ethnic groups, for example Kadazan, the dialects spoken and costumes are different between districts. At the beginning, I wanted to draw the most common Kadazan costume but after I saw a photo this one, I am attracted to the colorful beaded collar, hairband and most importantly, earings. I am unable to point accurately this costume belongs to which indigenous group, but after discussing with Debbie, we came to a rough conclusion that it may be a fusion between Sabah and Sarawak traditional costume elements (maybe?). To any Sabahan who read this post and knows better, let me know okay.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Leaf-cutting Ants, Bird and Rooster Keychains

I am on another day off. I was caught by flu and occasional headache since last week but the pain got more intense and frequent since the pass few days. So after seeing the doctor yesterday, I decided to give myself a rest at home today, or maybe until I get better.
So having the chance to stay at home, I take this chance to snap pictures of some handmade keychain that I made few months back. If you notice, I already listed them up in my etsy store.
I am also working on some custom rubberstamps, stickers and business card. Hopefully I will get better soon so I will be able to finish them before our 10days holiday next week.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Rectangular Water Container's Cap

I was a bit unwell last week and took a couple days off. I took the chance for a major kitchen cleaning and a simple sewing project. A cap for my Tupperware water container! It is waterproof from the outside (because I use oilcloth) with cotton fabric lined inside. I slipped in a thin rubber band around the edge so it will securely fit it in place and for more convenience regular use.

If you have a rectangular head, you may need a rectangular shower cap like this. Haha!

Friday, 7 November 2008

Fridge Magnet

Fridge magnet made of light paper clay. I used my handcarved rubber stamp to create the motifs. I wonder if paper clay can be glazed, coz they are a bit spongy when hardened.

I will try to improvise this product coz I hope I can list them up in my etsy store soon!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Stamp for Wedding Invitation

I'm catching up with pending jobs. Woahow!!

This stamp is custom designed for Lenny, she want to chop on 600 wedding invitation cards this Monday!