Saturday, 20 June 2009

Inkpads for Sale 002

I love inkpads! If possible I want to keep all for my personal use but I also want my customers to enjoy their stamps as good quality inks do make all the difference!

Above photo for size comparison

1. COLORBOX - PAINTBOX PASTEL pigment ink (12 Colors: Heliotrope, Lilac, Orchid, Pink, Coral, Apricot, Canary, Lime, Apple Green, Aqua, Sky Blue, Lavender)

2. COLORBOX - PAINTBOX EARTHLY ORES pigment ink (8 Colors: Dune, Cocoa, Brown, Merlot, Black, Gold, Copper, Bronze)....kotak inkpad ni saiz 6.5cm x 23 cm...besar ni. Warna Gold, Copper & Bronze tu metallic sket...

Only 1 unit available, price RM 95.00

3. COLORBOX QUEUE MISTY MEADOW chalk ink & RICH RUSTIC pigment ink (12 Colors altogether)



Green (without plastic wrapping but assured never been used) - AVAILABLE, Orange -BOOKED BY NJ!!, Moss Green B - BOOKED BY SYIMA!!, Canary - AVAILABLE, Chianti - BOOKED BY NJ!! (RM40 each)

Notes: Prices exclude Pos Ekspres RM2.50-4.oo depend on inkpads size and quantity

Please leave comment to book your inkpads. First comment first serve.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

New Fridge Magnet

I want to try painting on wood since long time ago, after I saw some photos of work by folkart artists. So this is my first try-out, but the size of the piece is just 1.25 inch square. At first, I used gesso primer, varnish and blunt end of a pin for this scgrafito technique. Then I used my stamps for the text.

But the scgrafito is just for fun! I sanded the whole surface, and painted it with this cute girl. Actually we went back to my hometown last weekend, and showed my mom this small piece of wood. She said, "Draw a cute girl".

Can you spot the difference in the girl's face in above and below picture?

I glued a magnet on the back ---and woohooo!!! I want to make more!

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Made with Love

Just a mix collection of my own personal stamps and commisioned ones.

I paid my little brother to help me mount some of them. I'm sure he's happy to earn extra pocket money to school.

Thing is, I am always attached to each work that I do. Everytime I finished a stamp it feels so hard to let it go. This is the reason why I made a card printed with care and handling tips to go along with sold stamps.

To those who bought stamps from me, please take a really good care of your stamp k!

Friday, 12 June 2009


I love orchids because it is a plant with unlimited varieties. Back in university, I learnt how to make orchid hybrids. I hybrided my mom's hybrid orchids with local wild orchid but I never manage to see how my invented hybrid's flowers looks like. You see, when you polinate a flower, it will produce a seed pod...but in case of orchids...the seed is microscopic and it can only be sow in special media. Back to these years, I have lots of seed pods of my own invented hybrids, and I made some experiments sowing them in damped moss, etc (don't want to bore you with scientific terms here) but none of these seeds manage to germinate. I don't know...maybe some of them manage to germinate but we can't see them with bare eyes. We need a microscope to see them. After I graduated i don't have access to microscope or culturing equipments anymore. That's why, once I was dreaming of having my own small lab dedicated to do these kinds of work...producing my own hybrid orchids and culturing them. But maybe one day, for the mean time, you guys know what I'm up to...stamp carving!

Hybrid orchid is originated from cross-polination of two wild orchids. It can also be achieved by cross-polinating hybrids to wild, or hybrids to hybrids. Most commercial orchid are hybrids as they are the success polination of selected species with fragrant and beautiful flowers. But to come up with a successful hybrid is not easy...for example it took 10 years to develop an Aranda hybrid which later be named after Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah, our former First Lady.

I think the orchid blooming season is still here, make a visit to any nature park or orchid garden, you'll know what I mean. Here's a few pictures of orchids that I manage to capture during my recent visit to Tenom Agriculture Park.

Thursday, 11 June 2009


I start my morning by carving a new comissioned stamp. I want to practice "timing" the whole carving process. This one takes 1 hour and a half to finish...and about 2 hours including the tracing process.

And here's the proof of the stamps that I showed earlier.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

What Tree

We went to Tenom Agricultural Park two weeks ago. It was my fourth visit to the park and never been there during fruit season. If you make a visit during these time, you can eat whatever edible fruits from the gardens, as much as you can. But you can only eat them in the park, they do not sell the fruits and you can never sneak them out. No tapau-tapau.

I made new findings anyway.

Beautiful flower isn't it? It came from this weird trees. The fruits look like buah kepayang but it's not. I know because we got pokok kepayang in our orchad. My hubby made a random guess and said it's buah kelapa laut (see coconut). Haimeh?

Anybody knows what tree is this?

Monday, 8 June 2009

Good Morning

Pancake anyone? My hubby asked me to make this for supper last night and I still have some batter in the fridge.

Ok. It's almost 5am and I'm still up in my apron. I haven't been able to online for days, so I feel obliged to update this blog and reply some mails. I am a night person and I love to work while other people enjoying their sweet dreams.

Aaaaahhh, I feel so good to be able to get back to stamp-making.

Those cute, small letters look so fragile and innocent, aren't they?

Hey, somebody from California bought my Airmail Birdy! I changed the tail because I think the former one looks like human's finger. Red birdy will fly to Arnold Schwarzenegger! Hihi. Just kidding.

Made a new Farm Stamp too! But then I decided to take it out of my Etsy listing to prevent anyone else from ordering it. I hope you guys understand that I won't be making any new copy of it for sale. Production of this Farm Stamp is so time-consuming because of its intricate details.

I don't feel sleepy but I know I just got to take lots of cafein today coz I caught myself fallen asleep twice while driving. I hate traffic jam, it makes me sleepy!