Friday, 20 August 2010

Untuk Semua

Segala yang dikejar ini hanyalah dunia semata-mata. Bila mata dipejam semua akan ditinggalkan.

Suami. Isteri. Anak. Ibu. Bapa. Keluarga. Sahabat-handai. Saudara-mara. Jiran-tetangga. Minat. Pekerjaan. Bisnes. Harta-benda. Blog. Facebook. Cita-cita dan angan-angan.

Yang kita suka.

Yang kita benci.

Semuanya akan berakhir.

Semoga kita sentiasa bersyukur dengan apa yang berlaku dalam hidup kita. Yang baik, yang buruk, segalanya datang dari Allah. Yang baik itu nikmat, yang buruk itu adalah untuk mendekatkan lagi kita kepada-Nya. Alhamdulillah.

Biar apapun yang mendatang, tenang saja.
Hidup yang kekal bukan apa yang kita miliki hari ini.

Salam Al-Mubarak buat semua.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

HKL Sketch in Color

We sat by the lake together;
I will remember that forever.


My watercolor pencils had gone missing for quite some time.
Tonight, I was looking for something else,
and coincidentally found them at the back of some piled boxes.

I can't help it,
I must put some colors to
Hoan Kiem Lake.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Other Sketches from the Trip

I plan to color them someday,
but my husband prefer them just as they are.

A coloring book,
is what I see.

Hoan Kieam Lake is my first sketch in the jurnal.
Only 10 minutes walk from our hotel at Trung Yen Street.
We dropped by at Bo Ho Bookshop to buy pencils and eraser, then picked out a bench to sit.

It was a very interesting experience.
Passers-by would take a glance at what you are drawing,
and some would even stop and stand behind you to watch you draw.

There was a boy sitting with his mother at nearby bench
who keep on coming to check my husband's sketching progress.
My husband mummbled in Malay,
"Janganlah tengok lukisan pakcik ni nak, pakcik ni baru belajar",
but he he, of course the boy did not understand.

It was a very special moment,
I really feel proud of my hubby for sharing the passion with me,
and be talented as well.

The street is always crowded with people and motorcycles
but late at night, all motorcycles will be parked inside the houses.

When the street is empty, a lorry will come transporting brick or pick-up construction debris from an under-renovation unit in the opposite block.
During the day, it is impossible for big vehicle to squeeze in.

Bing! and Bang! and Boom!
were the sound of our nights in Hanoi.

A closer look at one of the balcony, colored in Photoscape.
We love their buildings,
and the French doors and windows.

The trip was inspiring.
We think of our rumah kedai while there.

Two hours and half flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu
felt so quick
because I was busy doing my sketch.
I booked all four flights in the trip
sitting behind the row for emergency exits,
and have the view of the wings.

Seats in AirAsia are less comfortable,
because the space between rows are very close.
Argh, the fare is less what more to complain,
just la~ la~ la~ lah.

The sunset sky was so beautiful,
the clouds are all yellow, pink and orange,
like marshmallow and cotton candy!

Azarenka too strong for Sharapova~
was in the Sport Section that day.


Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Hand-Drawn Jurnal

One of the best thing that I got from our budget holiday in Hanoi is that I finally get to start a hand-drawn jurnal! What makes it better is the blank jurnal only cost about VND50,000 or almost equivalent to RM10 only. It is handmade, hard-covered, with 240 pages of 5.5" x 8" of 100gsm paper.

Maybe it is not good enough for watercolor, but I love it! We bought two ~ one for me and one for hubby.