Thursday, 19 November 2009

WIP: Shelby's Wedding Stamp

Been carving from 5.30pm -11.o0pm. The carving process is very slow as the details are so tiny. I do take short break once in a while, but around 10.30 I start to feel dizzy and nauseatic so I stop carving and lie on the floor. I grab one inkpad to test the stamp, and take pictures while still lying down.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

One Thing at a Time

So much to be done yet so little time. Could this be just an excuse?

Above drawing is actually something I proposed to Yani for her wedding stamp, but I failed to meet the deadline. With her wedding approaching the corner, she requested me just the scanned image of it. Maybe she can use it for something, she said. Apart from hers, I know I've missed few other orders too.

As a wife, daughter, sister and in-law I got to figure out how to be efficiently productive in everything I do. A friend said, what I do is multitasking, but what I discover is I CAN ONLY DO ONE THING AT A TIME.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Birds in the Rain

I took these pictures when rain was pouring down heavily yesterday.

I always thought birds will go for shelter when it rains, now I know I was wrong! They happily showering in the rain!

My husband saw these pictures and said, "Wah banyaknya punai, mesti sedap tu!".

"Yang, if you lapar we got chicken wing dalam peti sejuk".

Update: My hubby woke up this morning dan keluar dekat verandah, "mana satu pokok yang ada banyak burung tu ya?".

I too, ikut sekali menjenguk keluar. Cuma ada seekor burung hitam kecil, mata merah.

Punai2 semua demam kot kena hujan. Hehe.

Thursday, 12 November 2009


An old work I just completed recently. I used the mini mini mini stamp set to decorate the top side of the mounting with extra wooden handle. Nurain, pinjam kejap k! Hehe.

The handle is my husband's brilliant suggestion. So proud of you, darling!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Stamped Stuffs

Fridge magnet.

Made of shell and some buttons from last year's Christmas gift from my brother. The letters are made using this alphabet stamp set.

Bought it at RM12 something at Popular bookstore.

My mini stamp artwork! Made into a small plaque. The rooster stamp is one of my mom's favourite.

It suppose to be a keychain, but I never use it as keychain. I used it once as pincushion.

This is my current notebook where I jot down my to-do-list. I stamped my husband's name on it(hm...perhaps should add R and S behind the M, so it would become Mrs. Khairuldin kan? Hihi). He suggest that I color the background of a mounting, so I experiment using a stamp I made for him recently.

Saturday, 7 November 2009


Two new stamps carved on Friday night.

And Nadia's!
A new experience with "khat" design (it writes Nadia & Azree).

November 8th Saturday palm reading.

Succesfully carved stamps just make my day..

Just a little mishap while cutting the wood :)

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Winner of Mango's Game

Happy Wednesday Everybody! Today the winner of Mango's Game will be revealed!!

Participating Entries:

1. Anasfadillah - Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat; kucing sepet yang melambai2) -Malaysia
2. Trisya - Rafflesia, Sompoton or Mt. Kinabalu - Malaysia
3. Cabbiena - Two sisters - Malaysia
4. Veda - Kai Kriye, Orchid or Easel - India
5. Jiji - Her Nite wish Umbrella - Malaysia
6. Ayu - Pincushion and Needle - Malaysia
7. Sweetwannur - Lips yang mungil or Rose - Malaysia
8. Iefa - Heartshape or Buttons - Malaysia
9. Diya - Chandelier, Swirls or Damask - Malaysia
10. Nurain - Sewing Machine - Malaysia
11. Beldandy - Cake or Cupcake - Malaysia
12. Rozela - Giraffe and Elephant - Malaysia
13. Miyyah - رِحْلِة الأَلْف مِيل تَبْدَأ بِخَطْوَة - Malaysia
14. Syairazali - Frog or Lollipop - Malaysia
15. Cik Zizee - Hello Kitty!!! - Malaysia
16. Pianina - Roses! - Malaysia
17. Jom Makan - Tuck & Power of Juju or Barbie - Malaysia
18. Ciketon Fazya - Her Orange Kitty or Cocoa Tree - Malaysia
19. Elizabeth Kuang - Couple Holding Hands - Malaysia
20. Fawa - A house with Boy and Girl - Malaysia
21. Wanjah - 1Malaysia or KLCC - Malaysia
22. Wan Anis Sorfina - Moshi Moshi Mushroom - Malaysia
23. Zai Kulim - Upin & Ipin or Hello Kitty - Malaysia
24. My Rayyan - Yarn & Needle (cop mohor dia, hihi) - Malaysia
25. Msdaisy - Rainbow and Butterflies - Malaysia
26. Mimie Azim - Keta pon ponn dia...hahaha - Malaysia
27. Sikurus - Her WBL logo - Malaysia
28. Atiqah - Graduation Mortar Board or Bee - Malaysia
29. Asmieyra - Mickey Mouse or Winnie the Pooh - Malaysia
30. Anin - Papa Mama & Baby Boy or baby Boy only - Malaysia
31. Ciyou - Eiffel Tower or Mirror with Handle - Malaysia
32. Redcomel - Pout of Lips - Malaysia
33. Rai - Rose (blog header) - Malaysia
34. Faraisha - Story of heart or Flowery Garden - Malaysia
35. Me, Myself & I - Cute Little Crab, Sun & a slice of lemon - Malaysia
36. Dizzee - Tulips & Buttons - Malaysia
37. Juniza - Teddy Bear - Malaysia
38. Shakeymirza - Bear hadiah ex-bf dia...hik hik... - Malaysia
39. Em's Family - Pregnant woman - Malaysia
40. Mijiworkshop -
41. Sweetcraft store - Sakura & simple butterfly or cupcake - Malaysia
42. Segalanyer kuterima - Winnie the Pooh & Cupcake - Malaysia
43. Bethany - Guinea Pig - USA
44. Puantanah - xbox360 console - Malaysia
45. Inasepi - Cat & Rabbit - Malaysia
46. Syakila - Rose - Malaysia
47. Inahasan - Love (heartshape) - Malaysia
48. Izue - Elephant - Malaysia
49. Agnes Sim - Malaysia

I hope I don't miss anyone!!

Everybody's in? Now get ready and hold on tight!!!

I used self-timer with slow shutter to capture the spinning process.

How are you guys doing? Having fun? We'll keep spinning until one LUCKY person fall off into the slit ya.

Anyone puke? Sorry if I spin to hard, but don't worry, it's going to end soon...

Aha! Just in time!

..Tadda!! The lucky winner is here!! Congratulations!!


Monday, 2 November 2009

Handmade Paper Box

Apart from carving the tricolor stamp yesterday, I manage to mount a couple of my recent works. Actually I got my wood supply on Friday and went back to my hometown on Saturday. The cutting job was done on the deck by the river. So what I did yesterday was just glueing the stamps to their mountings.

The stamps are now ready, but I have always thought that my stamps should meet their owners in a nice, pleasant packaging. Before this I wrap, or make paper packet to put them in and sometimes I just don't have enough time to wrap them nicely (hehe, sorry to those who received their stamps in "nasi lemak" kinda wrapping before). I think the best is to put them in boxes, that fit each of them nicely. Problem is, sometimes my schedule is so packed, I don't have excess time to make boxes.

Anyway, I made a box this morning, to figure out how much time needed to make a custom one for a stamp.

It takes about 45mins-1hour. Argh.. got to find a more productive solutions.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

From Tri-color to Monotonous

If somebody ask you to carve a stamp for a logo like this, how would you do it? This logo might look simple and easy, but how to create a single stamp that will give an impression of three different colours? For this kind of logo, the colors are important elements.

Another challenge is, the customer require the stamp to be in a specific measurement. My problem is, the size of the text is already small, so reducing the logo to the required size will proportionally reduce the text to something much much smaller. Again, for a logo like this, I think it is important to produce a crisp and neat carving rather than rustic or wavy cuts.

I almost say "No, it is impossible to do it handcarved", to the customer, but at the same time I still want to give it a try. It would be a new experience.

So I carried out my first attempt. I spend hours trying my best on it but as soon as I finished, I'm certain that using the cross-line (as to distinguish two different colored background) is a huge mistake. The text is also unsatisfactory.

I come up with a second solution, and this time the customer agree coz it resembles their logo better than the first one.

As usual, carving the wordings is the most challenging part. I took the longest time on it but I still can't get it perfect. Argh.. Sampai terpeleot jari masa carve "B" untuk "Bersatu" tu.