Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


is flying so fast. I found a couple strands of white hair on top of my head and wondering whether it is already time for them to be there.

June is almost here isn't it? No matter how much I keep myself busy, there are still lots of things waiting to be done. Some of them already months old.

I was cleaning up the memory card by deleting unwanted photos one by one. Looking at these pictures of last year's ATCs and drawing makes me MISS drawing SO MUCH. I have not even produce a single ATC or drawing this year.

I really miss drawing.


Monday, 18 May 2009

Inkpads for Sale

Recently, through a winning bid in eBay, I managed to get Cat's Eyes ColorBox inkpads at cheaper price. Not that cheap actually (after converted to Malaysian Ringgit plus the shipping fee), but I am grateful enough as it is still cheaper than the selling price at most craft shops in Malaysia. Last year, I bought my first two Cat's Eyes at RM 9.50 each!

Of course, I would love to have them all for myself, but since ramai yang tanya mana nak cari, so I decided to sell some of them. Memang, ink macam ni tak dijual di kedai2 stationary yang biasa. Kalau adapun dekat kedai art & craft, tapi jarang2 ada dan mahal pulak. Trust me, ink ini sangatlah best. Hasil chopnya cantik sangat!

Baca sebelum beli!
  • Ink2 ini adalah original ColorBox, made in USA. Saiz? Kecik jer, sebesar ibu jari, bentuk mata.
  • Harga 1 set RM40.00
  • Dalam setiap set ada 6 warna. Jadi RM40/6=sebijik RM6.6666667 sahaja! Bayangkan dulu Mango beli 9.50 sebijik di Craft Haven!
  • Ada 5 set yang available, Rain Forest, Rose Petal, Primary Elements, Baby's Breath dan Jelly Beans.
  • Rose Petals dan Primary Elements adalah chalk ink...yang selebihnya pigment ink. Chalk ink menghasilkan kesan chop yang matte, biasalah macam kapur kan...sementara pigment ink...lebih kurang macam ink biasa.
  • Bukan, ini bukan ink fabrik...tapi excellent untuk sebarang papercraft; boleh buat tag, kad, scrapbook, etc.
  • Semua set adalah BARU. Masih berbungkus lagi, so sama2lah kita berharap kandungannya dalam keadaan baik. Will not be responsible to defect.
  • Kalau berminat, sila tinggalkan komen dengan menaip CONFIRM<>NAMA SET yang dipilih. Sila check komen2 terdahulu, kalau dah ada orang booking set yang berkenan, ertinya dah melepas lah tu.
  • Siapa cepat, dia dapat! Yeehaa!
RAIN FOREST - pigment ink sold to Rozila!

PRIMARY ELEMENTS - liquid chalk ink sold to Mimi!
ROSE PETALS - liquid chalk ink sold to Rozila!

BABY'S BREATH - pigment ink Sold to Bee & Zar!

JELLY BEANS - pigment ink sold to Bee & E-in!

Thursday, 14 May 2009


Eich! We had shells for dinner a couple of nights ago!

I think I want to glue them together to make a special fridge magnet.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Back to my parents' house recently, I found this house-shaped-display-shelf. Made it few years ago during semester break, back when I was still a university student. My brother had already placed it in the attic, to house the spider webs where it doubled as dust collector.

I remember wanting it white, but since not enough white paint left to cover the whole surface, I continue using my brother's watercolor and planned to spray it with clear varnish, like what did to this rock... I'm pretty sure that I stopped after realizing that it looked terrible!

I clean it up with soapy water, and leave it under the hot sun to dry. I already took it home, and looking forward to continue working on it.

I also took a picture of the surviving section of our old house where I was brought up. My father plan to completely demolish it. It was built by my grandfather, maybe 50-60 years ago. This house reminds me to our poor life when I was a kid, but it also gave me lots of good memories. I remember when I was 10, I use palm oil to substitute butter, banana to replace mixed-dried fruit, milk powder to replace fresh milk, and use my mom's large wok to steam cake because we can't afford to buy an oven. Butter, mixed-dried fruit and fresh milk are expensive and we need to go to the town to get them. I wanted to make fruit cake, instead, I got sticky, steamed banana pudding.

Now I realize, I got my early introduction to creativity from Hard Life. An inspiring teacher of all times.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Any Day

We had a gloomy weekend. My husband had lost a beloved cousin in a crash on recent Friday. We were unable to give a visit, only prayers and condolence from afar.

It made me think a lot, how life can be snatched away from us without warning. I think of how many things I want in this world, things I want to do and achieve. I think of my dislikes, things that give me lack of confidence, things that make me angry and bad memories. One day, none of them will matter. It is wrong to relate death with age and sickness only, as any day could be our last day.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Lino: The Next Level

I 'm looking for linoleum block but I don't know where to look for it locally. Why lino? Of course la for my stamp carving madness. Many times I almost purchase it online, but always, after considering the price in our currency...I think it become pretty unreasonable. I learnt that lino is being used in printmaking and lino is also an other name for vynil flooring mat, or what we locally call as "karpet getah (rubber carpet)". I blogged in one of my previous post, asking help from anyone who happen to know where to get the lino (I mean the lino block for stamp carving), and that was when Skin, a nice young lady came to my call.

The lino sample arrived at my office yesterday and the first thing I have in mind was, "A flooring lino!". It came in a sheet form, rather thin compared to what I expected, and it got this woven fiber backing~~~I am unsure, but the look of the backing almost convince me that, "It's a flooring lino!~~~It's a flooring lino~~~It's a flooring linooo..."*echoing*

It cracks and breaks like biskut lemau when folded. I showed it to my hubby, he also thinks it a vynil flooring mat!

But, I am optimistic, as always, what if it's a flooring lino? Wouldn't it be nice if it can be used to make stamps? I made an easy, quick stamp design for testing-testing. It's up to how you interprete it, either it's a sister and her brother, or a mother and son... it's up to you. Initially the boy got his bicycle at the other side of the tree, but I was too lazy to carve the bicycle. Sorry boy, I have to take your bicycle away.

Carving the lino is an interesting new experience. It reminds me of scraping dried, hardened Milo powder from the tin.

It's difficult to get a nice proof because this lino stamp is stiff and too thin to be handled, so I mount it to a piece of wood. I like stamps made of eraser better, but maybe it's too early to judge. I have a feeling that this lino stamp can last longer than rubber stamps, and less vulnerable than erasers.

I'm happy with the results! Thank you very much Skin! Felt like I'm catching another level of my carving madness!

So, can anyone justify, is this material really a lino mat/flooring? I'm glad if it's not. Just let me know what you think.

I'm glad if it's "yes" too.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

For the Hole in My Pocket

I won a bid in eBay yesterday, and I can't wait to receive my winning Colorbox Cat's Eye ink pads. The shipping alone costs me about MYR 45.00! I'm still wondering why I choose to buy ink pads instead of getting myself a good quality lino cutter. Winning the auction feels good but it burnt a big hole in my pocket! I am BROKE this Mother's Day...(ehem...this month too!).

My sister called yesterday asking for some sponsorship for Mother's Day. So if I manage to sell any rubberstamp this week, it would be for Mom. Another reason why I am broke this month is I booked air tickets and will be sponsoring my parents for holiday in August. They never board a plane their whole life and my dad is suffering from Rheumatism and Gout. I afraid if I wait another year, his walking difficulties would get worse. Actually I plan to buy a new pc or laptop, and a wacom tablet...but, I can wait.

Meanwhile, I know I have to get my ass from this chair and clear off my job list but then I was digging through last year's folder and found these!

Believe it or not, all above graphics are made using Microsoft Publisher and my click-click mouse. I receive quite a number of orders for home-bakery last year but none of these designs has been proposed to my customers. I stopped taking orders for business cards and stickers now...but i think the designs would turn out nice as rubberstamps!

Interested? Just email me!

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Do You Know Her?

Perhaps you are wondering, who is the girl on top of Mangosteenkin's page? If you still don't know, she lives in a mangosteen fruit. No, not any ordinary mangosteen! Only the one that you find in this blog.

If you've been reading my blog since last year, maybe you know her.

Mangosteen Fairy is now 3D!

She is only at the size of a thumb, just as how I imagined her should be!

Her little wings are at rest!

She likes to hang out on top of the shelf in the living room, watching us watching TV, crafting and playing with the cat!

My First Fabric Keychain

This prototype (haha!) is hand-stitched and I really love the plushiness of it. I use fabric ink so it is safe to be washed everytime it got dirty. I will keep working on improvisation and I hope one day I can sell this stuff too!