Thursday, 29 April 2010

Blender Lari dari Rumah

Blender had been missing for 3 days.

Last Sunday, I invited a homeless kitten into the house. He was meowing at my feet so I said to him, "Come to my house, I'll get something for you to eat". The kitty seemed to understand and followed me home. As promised, I fed him with Blender's fried fish leftovers and some cat's biscuits.

Half an hour later, hubby and Blender got home. Hubby said, "why did you bring this cat home? Nanti Blender merajuk". So I said to Blender, "Jangan merajuk Blender. He will leave after he finished eating". But the little kitten didn't leave after he finished his meal. Siap tidur2 lagi on my hubby's mattress.

That night Blender went out, and haven't been back until today. Hubby syak dia lari lari rumah. Merajuk.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

What herb?

Anyone knows what this is?

Before my grandmother loss her ability to speak (aphasia condition caused by stroke) she told my mom that this can be used as remedy for cough. Just add it into any broth, chicken soup for example.

So I tried once, they make my chicken soup tastes a bit bitter. I don't know how to describe it accurately, bitter is not all (I blame my limited vocab). Though it looks like onion, but the taste is actually "radish-ish".

Friday, 23 April 2010

Safe View (U)

Aching heels and fatigue. I hate my bulging tummy. >:( Hahahaha...opening yang tiada kena mengena dengan tajuk.

It's a busy and quite stressful week for me and I haven't been sleeping for a couple of nights already. Been wanting to show you my working space, but I afraid the view might cost you a faint :D So just enjoy the photos of my handcarved stamps ya. Pretty harmless to naked eyes.

Thank you very much for visiting!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I Feel Better

Thank God.

Sorry for not writing much for a while. And if you'd noticed, I've activated my Nuffnang ads again, :). Forgive me if it's kinda distracting.

I still have a long list of pending jobs. Okay, work will never finish, I've learned that. So hopefully I won't complain about unfinished tasks in this blog again. One down, new ones jump into the list kan. But frankly, work makes us happy, feeling needed and functional. Don't you think it makes us feel proud of ourselves?

Somehow, since Putri's around, I think I managed to push myself doing certain things that I feel refrained before. And with her in my life, those things seemed to occur naturally.

She makes me feel mature and childish at the same time (maybe more childish on certain aspects).

More responsible.

More courageous. If somebody going to attack me with parang or pull my hair I won't hesitate to fight back (so back off, heeeyaaah!). That courageous! (Hehe, just kidding).

More loving towards everyone and everything. When my husband decides to set Kontot (our squirrel) free, I respect the decision and agree that Kontot deserve to live freely and enjoy every moment he got in this world. He don't belong to the horrible cage! Before this, I would probably cry.

When Putri cry and wanting nobody else (not even my husband), I feel like a superhero. I'm her savior!

I stop feeling sad, worry and sorry to myself for not being able to get pregnant naturally.

I don't feel sad anymore when I pass through kid's apparel sections. Before this I always avoid looking at the tiny cute clothes.

I don't feel sad anymore when I saw other woman holding baby.

Somehow, some of my fear, subsides.

Of course, all these means I feel happier.

See, God had sent something great to mend my broken heart. So when I'm alone and thinking, I think that only God can give us the love we need in this world.