Thursday, 29 October 2009

Mulung ka Ayam?

Today I bought a book from a second-hand shop. I don't know when will I have time for papier mache, but I just got to buy it. I love the illustrations.

Yesterday, I went to a frame shop because my hubby asked me to send a poster to be framed. While there, I took out this miniature stamped-art from my purse and asked the tauke to help me frame it. Another customer came in.

The tauke ketawa. "Apa punya ayam ini ooo?". Plus, laughing at the size of that piece of paper I wanna frame. I know, very small maa.. your bus or parking ticket is even bigger.

Told him, "It's my handcarved stamp" but of course, they have no idea what I was talking about.

The other customer interrupted, "Itu mukan ayam, itu mulung maa..(it's not a rooster, it's a bird". They laughed.

OMG. It's my miniature art or me?

Tak kisahlah lah. Hihi.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Miniature Artwork

Remember how matchbox labels look like?

Wahahahahahahahahaha....I feel so inspired!! Ting! Ting! Ting! Ting! Ting!!! From artwork, to stamp, and back to artwork again!

I experiment with one of my earliest handmade stamp. And, tadaa!!!... Mangosteenskin's original miniature artwork! It is done 100% using my handcarved eraser stamp.

My husband said I was talking in my sleep last night but he couldn't understand what I was mumbling about. It must be because of THIS, because I almost can't sleep due to over-excitedness!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

e@Siswa - Translated Version by Haslina

See the original article in Malay here.

BIG BIG thanks to Haslina. She's the only person who answer the call and I love her translated version of the page. As promised, she will be getting a personalized stamp from me. Hehe, still owing another stamp for Miyyah, she helped me to translate this last time. Thanks so much for the time and effort guys! I really appreciate it!

Here's the translation done by Haslina! Enjoy reading to those who can't read the original version in Malay!


Generating Income from the Art of Eraser-carving

The eraser, which is synonymous with a student’s life, comes in various shapes and appearances. It sole function, at least traditionally, was to erase mistakes made in writing but over time it has acquired roles and usage that far exceed its original purpose and function. The humble eraser has become a collectible item and in the case of one creative soul, the item is used to generate income. In this edition’s Kerjaya Pilihan (Career of Choice), e@siswa features an individual who is involved in the art of eraser-carving. Our writer takes a peek at the path taken by Melannie Khairunnisa Maisarah Mujip, more popularly known as Mango in the cyber world.

How long have you been involved in this field?
I first started carving erasers to be made into stamps in February 2008 after accidentally coming across a tutorial on the Internet. I then displayed the results of my attempts at eraser-carving on my blog and before I knew it, I began receiving orders from online acquaintances.

Is this a part-time career?
For me, eraser-carving started out as a hobby. I am still in the process of learning, but because I am constantly getting orders from customers, I can say that it has gradually turned into a part-time career.

How would you describe the returns from such an effort?
Because almost all the orders I receive involve the process of creating the pattern and the design, the work is definitely time-consuming. As for the income that I get from my effort, I can say that it is rather irregular as it depends largely on the amount of time that can be used to produce the stamp. The process of carving an eraser that is to be made into a stamp takes about one to three hours, and this does not include the process of sketching, discussion with the customer, the process of tracing, cutting the wood block and so on.

Where do the ideas for the design come from?
I play around a lot with the ideas that I have in mind but of course imagination alone is never enough. I also do a bit of research on the Internet and I also refer to books. I believe that if we are keen observers, anything aound us can be used as a source of inspiration.

What are the advantages of the eraser-based stamp?
The hand-made eraser-based stamp that I produce is a unique or one-of-a-kind product. Its uniqueness also lies in the fact that I produce specific designs according to the needs of my customers. Another advantage of the hand-carved stamp is that it has deeper grooves, thus making it suitable for claywork. With hand-carved stamps, we are also able to produce different stamping effects. They are definitely not the same as machine-made stamps but they are unique.

What are the challenges you face in this field?
One of the challenges is finding erasers in large sizes. However, this problem can be solved as we can also use other medium/materials, known as Linoleum. It is available in the form of blocks or sheets. I am actually more comfortable with erasers. Admittedly, some Linoleum blocks do have the texture and surface that really resemble those of erasers but unfortunately they are not sold in Malaysia. Of course, they can be bought online but the cost is rather prohibitive as the transaction involves US dollars. Linoleum sheets can sometimes be obtained from shops selling craft equipment but the textured surface makes it rather difficult for me to make pencil markings as a guide for carving. It also has a different stamping effect compared to the use of erasers but it has its own advantages, especially in terms of size and durability.

Some WIP

Trying hard to do commision jobs whenever I can. These are a couple of stamps am working on but I couldn't finish them as I've run out of raw materials for the mounting.
Small fonts still make me nervous. Before I start carving these kind of stamps, I usually take time to get physically, and mentally prepared.

And, another butterfly came...

to make friends with the blue one. Maybe they need more friends, don't you think? Lebih seronok main enjet-enjet semut.

Enjoy this page of my test-chop-prints ya.

When you finish carving a stamp, you need to see whether your work turns out well or not.

Editing photos using photoscapes is so quick and easy.

Ahh~ I just love round corners. Most of photos in the late 70's and early 80's are rounded-corners.

Round corners is nostalgic and it bring back happy childhood feelings. :)

Friday, 23 October 2009

I am in e@Siswa - October Issue

Again, with self-taken photos. Haha.

I am featured in Kerjaya Pilihan (Carier of Choice) column. Click on the photo to read it. To those who is unable to read the original version in Malay, please read the translated version done by Haslina.

Argh! You don't know how much I really wish that "Eraser Stamp Carver" is something I can call "a carier". Like something I can officially write down on blank spaces designated for "occupation" in profile forms. So I can wake up each morning, enjoying my breakfast thinking only what stamps I'm going to make that day.

Since the article is about carier, let me tell you how I ended up carving stamps. Uhuk! Uhuk!

I wanted to be a scientist since I was 6, biasalah cita2 budak2 hehe but I carry on till I manage to get a Biotechnology degree. I thought of seeking for employment in something to do with plants/crop/agriculture development, don't mind if it is in private firms or goverment departments, or maybe at least become a teacher (preferably teaching Biology). But when I graduate, my hubby managed to persuade me to help him run the business, so he can focus more on field and train the staffs and I can take over administration affairs. I never know I would ever give up my years of ambition, I thought I'm strong-hearted, but I guess that's just how the letter L, O, V and E have changed my life direction.

I am now, holding an Admin Manager title. Self-created position, and behind it is all my husband's hard works, so nothing to be proud of (about myself).

I also love photography, but apart from an RM180 (approx. USD51.42) compact 28mm wide lense CANON analog camera which I bought during my final year in University, I can't afford anything more expensive than that to explore the passion. Later when me and hubby bought an S3IS prosumer CANON digital camera in 2006 I was so damn excited! I started to participate online photography portal and collect photography magazines only to realize that I need to upgrade my camera and equip myself with proper photo-editing softwares in order to upgrade my skills. Worse, even my laptop is out-of-date. Photography isn't a cheap hobby.

I never mean to give up on photography, but I take it as a sign for me to work harder to get what I want. There is no short-cut to an EOS or new laptop or whatsoever. In terms of carier, I love working with my husband, but it doesn't give me self-satisfaction as I don't have chemistry in construction. I am so green and introvert ~ I don't even know if I have a thing to become a businesswoman. So I tought, I must find something else...I must look deeper and find a talent to polish. I can't look for job in other company coz that will means I have to leave my current job. Well, it is different when the boss is your own husband.

In 2007, I started drawing. Just something to keep my blog goes on. I need to work hard on my skills, techniques and execution of ideas but I don't have much time for that. Following steps of talented illustrator and graphic designer, Emila Yusof and Rizal, a lecturer in Institut Kraf Negara, I joined Illustration Friday as a way to practice. At times when I'm not looking, I coincidently found Gennine's Art Blog through Illustration Friday and learned about stamp carving. So in 2008, when I found out that I'm kinda gifted with this stamp carving, I promise myself, that this is something I must pursue. Sometimes I do feel bored, but I just told myself I can't afford to quit things anymore.

If you ask me, I don't think I am eligible to be featured in this kind of article. I'm just a beginner but perhaps I got the attention because stamp carving is still something rare in Malaysia. However, it's also a good thing because before this not even my parents understand why I want to draw or carve stamps, and waste my degree. My husband always complains why do I need to juggle between spending time online, drawing, stamp-making and administrating our company. I understands why he is worry. The company is a greater commitment and responsibilities. I just hope atleast, they understand and lend me the chance to do something that make me feel good about myself. I expect nothing much, but their blessings.

I'm happy to have all the artsy-crafty friends in blogosphere. You guys never stop inspiring me and your supports make me go on. Just don't stop doing what you love and trust this, "Extraordinary People Do Ordinary Things Extraordinary Well". It works all the time.

You and I, let us be extraordinary.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Mango's Game

Ok, let's play it. A set of 9 mini mini mini handcarved eraser stamps as the winning prize + personalized stamp. Jeng! Jeng! Jeng!

But here's the truth. The mini mini mini stamp set was an express carving, done playfully and the workmanship is abit rough. No sketching or tracing process involved as I draw directly on the eraser surface.


1. Make a post and name an object/animal/plant etc that you want to see in a form of stamp. As an addition, if you win, I will make a handcarved stamp of your selected item, with your initial. The design, is a suprise and you will only see it when it arrive at your door. You can use it to chop the back of your handmade cards, letters, thank you tag, etc.

2. You may take any of these 3 photos to come along with your post, and don't forget, link your post to this Giveaway entry so other people can join the fun too.

3. Finally, after everything's done, leave a comment here to eligible you to enter the prize draw. Updated!!*Contest will be closed at 12 noon, Tuesday 3rd November 2009.

4. That's all. Good Luck!!

Participating Entries:

1. Anasfadillah - Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat; kucing sepet yang melambai2) -Malaysia
2. Trisya - Rafflesia, Sompoton or Mt. Kinabalu - Malaysia
3. Cabbiena - Two sisters - Malaysia
4. Veda - Kai Kriye, Orchid or Easel - India
5. Jiji - Her Nite wish Umbrella - Malaysia
6. Ayu - Pincushion and Needle - Malaysia
7. Sweetwannur - Lips yang mungil or Rose - Malaysia
8. Iefa - Heartshape or Buttons - Malaysia
9. Diya - Chandelier, Swirls or Damask - Malaysia
10. Nurain - Sewing Machine - Malaysia
11. Beldandy - Cake or Cupcake - Malaysia
12. Rozela - Giraffe and Elephant - Malaysia
13. Miyyah - رِحْلِة الأَلْف مِيل تَبْدَأ بِخَطْوَة - Malaysia
14. Syairazali - Frog or Lollipop - Malaysia
15. Cik Zizee - Hello Kitty!!! - Malaysia
16. Pianina - Roses! - Malaysia
17. Jom Makan - Tuck & Power of Juju or Barbie - Malaysia
18. Ciketon Fazya - Her Orange Kitty or Cocoa Tree - Malaysia
19. Elizabeth Kuang - Couple Holding Hands - Malaysia
20. Fawa - A house with Boy and Girl - Malaysia
21. Wanjah - 1Malaysia or KLCC - Malaysia
22. Wan Anis Sorfina - Moshi Moshi Mushroom - Malaysia
23. Zai Kulim - Upin & Ipin or Hello Kitty - Malaysia
24. My Rayyan - Yarn & Needle (cop mohor dia, hihi) - Malaysia
25. Msdaisy - Rainbow and Butterflies - Malaysia
26. Mimie Azim - Keta pon ponn dia...hahaha - Malaysia
27. Sikurus - Her WBL logo - Malaysia
28. Atiqah - Graduation Mortar Board or Bee - Malaysia
29. Asmieyra - Mickey Mouse or Winnie the Pooh - Malaysia
30. Anin - Papa Mama & Baby Boy or baby Boy only - Malaysia
31. Ciyou - Eiffel Tower or Mirror with Handle - Malaysia
32. Redcomel - Pout of Lips - Malaysia
33. Rai - Rose (blog header) - Malaysia
34. Faraisha - Story of heart or Flowery Garden - Malaysia
35. Me, Myself & I - Cute Little Crab, Sun & a slice of lemon - Malaysia
36. Dizzee - Tulips & Buttons - Malaysia
37. Juniza - Teddy Bear - Malaysia
38. Shakeymirza - Bear hadiah ex-bf dia...hik hik... - Malaysia
39. Em's Family - Pregnant woman - Malaysia
40. Mijiworkshop -
41. Sweetcraft store - Sakura & simple butterfly or cupcake - Malaysia
42. Segalanyer kuterima - Winnie the Pooh & Cupcake - Malaysia
43. Bethany - Guinea Pig - USA
44. Puantanah - xbox360 console - Malaysia
45. Inasepi - Cat & Rabbit - Malaysia
46. Syakila - Rose - Malaysia
47. Inahasan - Love (heartshape) - Malaysia
48. Izue - Elephant - Malaysia
49. Agnes Sim - Malaysia

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Agnetha Fältskog

If it wasn't because of Lin who had been posting link of ABBA songs in Facebook yersterday, I won't end up searching for my favourite numbers of ABBA in Youtube again (after doing it a week ago). I grow up listening to ABBA and their songs always bring back memories.

The search further led me to Agnetha Fältskog, and I fell deeper in love with her voice. Last night was the night when Agnetha's really looked into my eyes and touched my heart.

"After the release of I Stand Alone in 1988, Agnetha took a break from her musical career and completely withdrew from public life. In April 2004, after 17 years of silence Agnetha came back with a bang by releasing the album My Colouring Book, a collection of covers of 1960s classic oldies.The album topped the charts in Sweden, reached top 5 in some countries and No.12 in UK. The Times reviewer noted "her voice is still an impressive pop instrument", and The Observer noted "time hasn't diminished her perfect voice".The album release attracted major media attention across Europe, but Agnetha refused to be involved in any publicity. Despite this, the album sold more than 500,000 copies worldwide, with 50,000 of those in the UK alone.Agnetha has a fear of flying and has not been on an airplane for over 15 years. When she goes abroad she prefers to travel by car. She prefers a tranquil life in a rural suburb south-west of Stockholm, away from the noisy city atmosphere".

Here's few tracks from the album MY Colouring Book, 2004.

Sometimes When I'm Dreaming

My Colouring Book

Past, Present and Future

Monday, 5 October 2009

Allen Design Giveaway Contest

I am so into trinket boxes, and while I was in Genting last August, I found some beautiful trinket boxes sold at one of the shop there. They were priced RM40 each while in other place I found them being sold at RM60-80. Now I regret why I don't buy at least one piece of these cuties. But to think back, I'm sure it was because I always try to be reasonable when dealing with temptations; avoid spending money on unnecesary things.

Only yesterday, I was browsing the web for trinket boxes just for cuci-cuci mata and coincidently this morning, I found something that really, really, really gets me excited! This Goody Allen Treasure Box is something I really, really WANT + NEED!!

Michell my Belle is a new blog I am following. Her artworks and creations are inspiring and stunning! If you also want to win one of these cute treasure boxes, well...let's play (ehem! let's compete)! Just click on the photo above! Deadline is Friday, October 9th.

Below are some of my collection of trinket boxes. All priced less than RM10. Hihi.