Friday, 23 September 2011

Cookies...or Cakes?


I am still not over yet with my excitement of having a new toy for the kitchen.

Sometimes I found myself fallen asleep while drooling over the photos in the cooking magazine. Not only that they look delicious, but they are also inspirational.

I've been longing to bake some bread, and finally!
My first bread.

Sugarless Banana Bread ~ use dates to substitute sugar.

Pineapple Muffin.

Last but not least, a picture of stamp that I completed 3 days ago
(sedang berusaha menghabiskan sisa-sisa tempahan).

I met an old friend whom I haven't met for 10 years (except in Facebook), and he asked me how's my cake/cookie business doing? Hahahahaa...that's funny!...Really? Those stamps look like cookies and cakes?!


Edi said...

wahhh... ada oven baru ke? yay! endless things to do with the oven! let me know if u want to start trying cupcakes! i'll email u my recipe if u want :)

the banana bread looks GOOD!

dont give up yet on the book illustrations.. cantik je tu, the kids will love it i'm sure.

mangosteenskin said...

eh nak! kalau kak edi nak bagi resipi apa salahnya :)kalau ada resipi lain yang best2 pun boleh...:)

banana bread tu ok, manis2 buah je tak manis sangat. very filling.

yes kak edi...mesti siapkan juga illo itu

Nur Hafizah said...

salam sis.. bole bagi saya quotation x utk rubber stamp ukiran mcm ni..
email kpd saya di

Fiza :)

thesewingroomdiva said...

suka tengok stamps yang you buat that they inspired me to have a's very challenging but so rewarding...bila tengok hasilnya.

Siti Zakiah said...

assalam..kalau saya nak order rubber stamp ni ada lagi tak???
pls reply me.emai at