Monday, 19 September 2011

It Is but It Is Not

Today I was browsing the internet and found this image.

It looks familiar but not from the work of artist whom I have been following for almost 6 years.

Today the world had become small,
and distances won't feel that far anymore.
We can even feel like knowing somebody their whole life,
knew every member of their families, maybe every corner of their houses,
every single piece of their work,
eventhough we never even met them,
and they don't even know us!

My point is,
people can differentiate between inspirations and imitations.
Sometimes we see something and eventhough it reminds us to somebody or some other work we've seen before,
it's undeniably an original piece of work.

All we see is just...copies!


Aneesah said...

Especially the bird and the flower. T-T Bukan G______ punye ek? =/

mangosteenskin said...

ya especially the bird and flower :) I also thought it's G______ but it's not. Click the photo to go to the source.

mangosteenskin said...

The bird, the feather, the plants, the lotus, the coral, the PEACE word hehehehe.

feltralicious said...

apa, apa?G? gregorian?hahahha im btl bz body...kekekek...sapaaaaaa....??

mangosteenskin said...

G....gergasi...hahahhaaaa...gennine bah wan.

feltralicious said...

oo ndk kanal...hahahhaa nti sa google

Edi said...


euphoria said...

did this person buy from Geninne's Etsy? Siapa ya this person?

mangosteenskin said...

Kak Edi...


mangosteenskin said...


As far as I know G tak jual stamp dia.

DoodleDesign said...

Mango.. tak dpt pun ke site tu?
click on photo?

I love Geninne's works. Kdg2 pelik juga tgk dia tak watermark or make any kind of protection pada foto2 dia yg sgt best di situ dan lain2 lagi...

mangosteenskin said...

ET, mango baru perasan the pic doesn't lead to the blog hehehee. Will try to get the url but anyway, I just checked the artist's etsy, and feel so glad that i haven't seen any of the design duplicates sold. Maybe she didn't make them for sell :).

Yeah, I noticed that too. But she's just so insanely organized, detailed, creative and productive perhaps she didn't have time to be so paranoia kan!