Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Honey and Milk Bread

I like cooking because it is an art too.
But it is a little more special, because you can eat your artwork :)

The previous banana bread requires no kneading (more like a cake),
but this time I really want to try kneading.
Rupanya tak sesusah yang dibayangkan :)
Tak sempat keluar peluh pun.

Never in my whole life,
I had ever imagine I can bake my own bread.
I surprised myself success at the first time.
So I guess making bread isn't that hard anyway,
we just need to give some time for the yeast to do their job.

With the rising concern in the halal status of food products in the market,
maybe we can try doing it our own.
Ditanggung halal!

Senang saja,
jom cuba resipi ini :)