Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Mantanani Island

It was a two days work trip to Mantanani Island.

I'm back with nasty sunburns.

It was such a precious experience for me,
but I wish my job is more than just preparing meal, observing, passing stuffs and holding the camera.
We wished we can go for some snorkeling and swimming,
but all the time spent for work.

The place is so beautiful and peaceful.
Sometimes I feel like I was so far away from home, but actually it was only 37km from our house,
plus another 1 hour boat trip.
If given a chance, I would love to live there for 3 months.
Yeah, why not?
(but of course not alone, hehe).

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Daddy Zuki said...

I wish I were there. I could just visit Labuan and Gayana when I was in Papar. Dah lama x update blog. Why?