Friday, 23 September 2011

Lack of Confidence

I think I can almost hear myself whispering,
that I regret saying YES
for the book illustration job.

I only touched brushes (larger than size 0 and 2) few times in my life
(because I used to draw on ATC only).
I don't know where on earth the courage came from.

Because of the illustration job,
I invested in some new brushes and the biggest (and most expensive) ever watercolor paper,
I had so far.
Never worked with acrylic paint before,
so I bought a box of acrylic paint (because a friend suggested I should try acrylic),
and this is it.
This is where I force myself to get use to brush handling and
understand the acrylic paint character.
No time to practice before the real thing.

I only have 7 days to finish another 11 illustrations.
And oh boy! I am unsure about almost everything I've done so far.
Will the color pallet and drawing suit children's taste?

I hope this will only means,
Every first time is just as difficult as any other first time for anyone.
I hope everything going to be all


feltralicious said...

u can do it, i have faith in u.

Muhammad said...

Orang seni tak pernah gagal.
Jadi orang seni...~itu saja,sudah merupakan satu kejayaan.